The Heat

Wichita's Finest Hookah Lounge

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Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

From serving your group of friends, or just you, we ensure every visit to The Heat is one worth remembering. Our delicious hookahs, full bar, and food ensure that you and your friends leave happy!

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Friendly Staff

With a full staff of only the nicest servers, we can ensure your experience with us is the nicest you’ll ever have at a hookah lounge.

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Delicious Cuisine

Featuring the best mediterranean dishes, appetizers, and drinks, have yourself one of our many items with your hookah! 

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Our establishment has been fully designed with a modern setting in mind, enjoy a nice dimly lit setting with a patio outside to give you the best of both options. 

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Wanna watch the game? Our lounge plays most of the major games on our televisions, so come bring the family & friends as we cheer on the teams together!

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Clean Establishment

With routine cleaning multiple times a day, our place will impress you with our attention to detail, no more messy seats! 

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Full bar

From beers to wells, wine and liquor, we’ll be happy to serve you the best of the best, and offer weekly specials as apart of our services (Must be 21 and older to drink) 

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